Sacmi Inpak Imola hot melt adhesives

Intercol has made a selection of hot melt adhesives available for Sacmi Inpak Imola tray erecting machines.

hot melt adhesives for tray erector machines

A range of hot melt adhesives is available for tray forming machines. These packaging hot melt adhesives have the following Characteristics

  • Polyolefin or EVA technolgy available
  • High-quality water white hotmelt adhesives
  • Superior adhesion
  • Excellent machinability performances
  • High thermal stability
  • Low melt available for low processing temperatures (around 110°C)
  • High hot tack, heat stability and good cold flexibility

Fields of tray application (tray erection)

  • Gluing of wrap-around cases, primary food packaging, tray forming, folding boxes
  • Bonding a wide range of coated papers and laminated boards
  • High machine speeds with precise, no stringing, and clean adhesive application
Tray erector hot melt adhesives