Csomag doboz gyártása

For the manufacturing of parcel boxes, an inline folding and PSA coating application are made for the production of ready to set up corrugated boxes.

Csomag doboz gyártása

E-commerce packaging PSA closure strip

Intercol’s adhesives range for packaging is standard available from our warehouse in Ede. We formulated high performance adhesives for many applications in the packaging sectors such as agricultural boxes, coffee cups, aseptic packaging, case and carton sealing and closing and e-commerce parcel box adhesives.

Box sealing

Closing and sealing e-commerce packaging applications are largely in demand nowadays. Online shopping is being favoured by a growing group of consumers. As a result, more packaging has to be delivered. In order to keep these purchases safe and their packaging secure during transit from the warehouse to home, manufacturers demand efficient and trustworthy PSA hot melt adhesives.

PSA hot melt

Our hot melt PSA range is ideal for bonding e-commerce packaging. The adhesives are suitable for the likes of tapes, labels, closures and self-adhesive coatings with both permanent and removable options available. Pressen hot-melt adhesives are tailormade and application-specific to provide high tensile strength, exceptional tack levels and high and low peel adhesion whilst managing a wide range of temperatures.

High peel & adhesion strengths

Suitable for both rigid and flexible packaging, EHM 9724 is our PSA hot melt with high adhesion and high peel strength. The grade has been developed for tapes and applications such as the self-adhesive closure strip on cardboard multimedia packaging. Ideal for online packaging applications, EHM 9724 offers high temperature resistance and strong adhesion to various cardboard like kraftliner & testliner.