Packaging hot melt adhesives from manufacturing to transport

Packaging has many more functions than just protecting goods. It provides useful information for customers, makes logistics efficient, and is proven to be a powerful brand ambassador in marketing and sales.

Primary packaging

Primary packaging is the first layer of protection around a (food) product and the last piece of packaging a customer opens. It can be a bag containing crisps/chips, or a wrapper around a bar of soap. Primary packaging also functions as an advertising tool such as:

  • visual appearance
  • degree of finishing
  • originality.

Adhesives for carton sealing, lamination and aseptic packaging

Intercol has manufactured hot melt and waterbased adhesives for use within the most demanding carton sealing, lamination, aseptic packaging, sacks, and bags applications.

Packaging adhesives offer superior adhesion to demanding coated surfaces. Our new Polyolefin range hot melt adhesives offer unrivalled resistance to low temperatures and high heat resistance.

Packaging adhesives

Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging often serves a more practical and protective purpose, often these are corrugated boxes. These boxes organise or stabilise products. Primary packaging placed in secondary packaging are shipped easily and are stored safely. Like primary packaging that is displayed, secondary packaging is an important tool for brand marketing. It is an excellent way to reinforce your brand and enhance your products’ visibility on, for example, a crowded supermarket shelf.

Pallet stabilisation during transport

Using hot melt adhesives for pallet stabilisation allows products to be transported safely, secure and without the need for expensive layer pads and an excessive amount of plastic shrink wrap. Plastic shrink wraps can be reduced or eliminated.

Placing as little as 50 grams of adhesive between pallets results in a stabler load, preventing products from moving around or toppling over. Intercol has a range of hot-melt and water-based adhesives for pallet stabilisation to suit each specific application, depending on the bonding strength required and substrates to be used.

Waterbased and hot melt packaging adhesives